April 10, 2010

Statistics from our Facebook Advertisement

So for the past month we've had an advertisement running on facebook, a pay for click advert, which turned to get us some decent traffic to our fan page and to our website. In the end we had 2690 clicks over the past month, 8,911,500 Impressions (The number of times the ad floated around facebook) and we finished off our last day with 306 clicks in a day, cheers for all the clicking facebookers, our facebook is a good source for keeping updated with whats going on with us, and whatever we like and are involved in.

The graph of the final days of the amount of clicks per day for our advertisement

1 comment:

  1. 8,911,500 impressions? That's quite a large number. It's apparent that Facebook advertisement is effective. After all, it's the largest social media site in the world. The result of your advertisement is very impressive! =)