July 28, 2010

Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place

American alternative rock group ANBERLIN are releasing a new album on September 7th this year, entitled "DARK IS THE WAY, LIGHT IS A PLACE". This will be the second album they've recorded through major record label Universal Republic. The album was produced by Grammy award winning producer Brendan O'Brien.

The Album Cover

The first single "Impossible" was released on July 12th on Radio, and will be available for digital download as of yesterday on iTunes. Check out the video clip for the song below.


July 27, 2010

Between Two Ferns

Funny Or Die is a comedy website setup by Comedy Actor Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, which shows various arrays of funny sketches and segments featuring plenty of actors, musicians and comedians. One segment that is absolute gold is "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis"

You'd recoginse Galifianakis as playing the lovable character Alan from, in my opinion, the best movie of 2009, "THE HANGOVER".

Basically the segment is Galifianakis having his own talk show and insulting and being mean to his guests. Below are some of the best, but only a few have been made (8 to be exact).

Interview with Charlize Theron

Interview with Conan O'Brien (featuring Andy Richter & Andy Dick)

Interview with Michael Cera


July 26, 2010

Cut Copy - Where I'm Going

Melbourne synthpop group Cut Copy have released a new single on their website for free download entitled "Where I'm Going" on July 15. Still creating some great tunes, they're also working on a third album, speculated to be due out in 2011.

Here is the single below.

This vid is also on their site at the moment, the first episode of the documentation of their upcoming third album.


July 23, 2010

Old Spice

I'm Sold. Great Advertising. I need some Old Spice.

July 22, 2010


The Source of Inspiration. Ari Gold.

The Song itself, By Swizz Beatz.

July 15, 2010

Pearl Jam Take A Break

Frontman of Seattle Grunge group Eddie Vedder announced to the fans at a show in Portugal that the band would be going on hiatus saying:

"Thank you for coming to our last show," he told the crowd. "Not our last ever, but our last in a long time." - Eddie Vedder

So in this instance deciding to upload some of my favourite Pearl Jam clips, old and new, in celebration of the career this band has had, and hopefully will continue to have in the future.

Even Flow - From "Ten" (1991)

Jeremy - From "Ten" (1991)

I Am Mine - From "Riot Act" (2002)

Given To Fly - From "Yield" (1998)

The Fixer - From "Backspacer" (2009)

July 13, 2010

Goo Goo Dolls - Something For The Rest Of Us

Buffalo boys The Goo Goo Dolls, are in the final stages of releasing their upcoming ninth studio album "SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US". It is being produced by Rob Cavallo, who produced previous Goo Goo offerings such as "DIZZY UP THE GIRL" and "GUTTERFLOWER". In an interview with Star News Online, lead singer Johnny Rzeznik revealed that the themes of the album would revolve around current events and issues.

"Most of the material on the record seems to be addressing the kind of the angst and uncertainty of the times that we're living in, but on an emotional level. One particular song on the album is called “Not Broken.” I got a letter from a woman whose husband was in Iraq. He was injured – paralyzed – and he doesn't want to come home. He wants to stay in the hospital. He's ashamed of himself. He feels like he's less. And she just wants to let him know that he's still everything that she ever wanted. I don't know, it just kind of came out. It's kind of like I was writing a love letter to him on her behalf. These are really hard, trying times. And the way that affects people and their families, people losing their jobs and everything's so insecure, I just wanted to say something about that." - Johnny Rzeznik

The first single "Home" was released about a month ago, and I've just discovered the video clip for the song on the GooGoo's youtube account, directed by Devin Sarno.

The album's release date has been pushed back several times, but it will finally be released August 31st 2010. Be on the look out for this one wackos.

Art + Wallet = The Walart!

"In a land not too far from here, where everyone carried a unique wallet, was the Walart factory. " - taken from the Walart Facebook Page.

Came across this company few weeks ago, The Walart make sweet alternative artistic wallets, which are completely water-proof and recyclable. These guys from Sydney keep it green, check out their range of wallets, I've already bought a few. They've done collaborations with Byron/Bondi clothing brand Pete Versus Toby also.


July 12, 2010

LOST with Kimmel

I've just finished watching the entire series of LOST, (bit late i know), really enjoyed the show, although horribly confusing at times also. I've decided to upload some clips about Lost from Comedian and Late NIght Host Jimmy Kimmel's youtube account, about alternate endings, unneccesary censorship and a whole lot more. Some very funny stuff.

July 4, 2010

Sponsor A Grommet: Lindsay Jackson

We've recently started sponsoring another young talented grommet to our team, 17 year old Lindsay Jackson from Umina Beach on the Central Coast of NSW, this dude has been competiting in comps for the past few years, and does some serious shredding. Check out some of his shots and his resume below. Welcome to the family Lindsay.

Lindsay repping the corporate black tee.

Enjoy Yourself pulls babes.

Few shots of Lindsay shredding.

Lindsay's Bodyboarding Resume

July 3, 2010

Online Payment Options

This information will now be featured on our online store to help answer your queries about payment for our rad shit. You can inform yourself below or now at http://enjoyyourself.bigcartel.com/payment-options