May 28, 2010

Few Shots From Another Morning Shoot

Up at 5:30am this morning, down at d'bah again for another shoot, heres the best of the lot.

May 26, 2010


5 in a row. I can feel it. It begins tonight.

May 25, 2010

Sponsor A Grommet: Man-Jello

Luke "Man-Jello" Bonello from Bateau Bay, New South Wales is one of the first bodyboard grommets to be hooked up with Enjoy Yourself Clothing. This 16 year old kid carves up, below we have some still shots and also his bodyboard resume he has put together for himself. Any other local talent interested in sponsorship deals, please contact us and send in your photos/videos/pornos to

Looks stoked to be rocking our gear.

Luke Bonellos Bodyboard Resume

May 24, 2010

Dead Letter Circus - THIS IS THE WARNING

Brisbane Alternative rock act Dead Letter Circus released their debut album about a week and a bit ago titled "THIS IS THE WARNING", bought the album off iTunes today, definitely some hard hitting tracks on there. The first single "The Space On The Wall" was released in August of last year, the second single "Big" certainly to be popular amongst mainstream radio.

The video clip for the single "The Space On The Wall", pretty humorous.

The video clip for the single "Big"

May 21, 2010


Probably should mention that every purchase made at our online store or wherever we are directly selling, we give out free stickers with each purchase, radical. Put them on your car, face, forehead, bodyboard, skateboard, wall, penis, vagina, put them anywhere, they're free! So get to the online store for some free stickers with your purchase.

May 20, 2010

Parkway Drive New Album - Deep Blue

The boys from Parkway Drive have released the first glimpse of their new heavy upcoming album "Deep Blue", with the first single "Sleepwalkers" available to listen on their MySpace page. The band has also posted new album trailer and behind the scenes videos of the recording process. Album is out June 25th in Australia, June 28th in the UK and June 29th in the USA. Hardcore fans get ready for this explosive new album.

Heres also a promo video about the Europe Never Say Die Tour they've released from their Youtube Account.

And heres a clip of lead singer Winston McCall and guitarist Luke 'Pig' Kilpatrick doing some tow in surfing and bodyboarding. The audio track has been disabled, thank you WMG you bunch of cunts.

Pre-order the album now at:

May 17, 2010

Last Kclub

Went to Kclub on Saturday night, an event at Ruby Tramp, free milk was provided, but plenty of jager bombs and bourbon was consumed instead. Here I am far from sober

Photo rights go to

May 11, 2010

Step Brothers Clips

ROFLCOPTER! Love This Movie


Funniest Kid On ChatRoulette

ChatRoulette is a random webcam meeting place for people to meet old men who masturbate frequently. This kid is hilarious have a geeze.

May 8, 2010

"If Anyone Buys Your Clothes, I Will Donate A Good Kidney"

Recently we logged back into MySpace and started using it to promote our brand awareness further into the interweb. Surprisingly people still use MySpace, had a lot of interest, especially from one kid named Melvin who said he'd donate his kidney if people would buy our shirts, we were so touched, we decided to write a follow up message back to him. He hasn't replied yet, I hope he agrees with my message.

May 7, 2010

sir psycho sexy

"Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen"

Sir Psycho Sexy - Red Hot Chili Peppers

that is all.

May 5, 2010

Car crashes through 7th floor wall.

Blurb taken from

"A driver in the US had a lucky escape when he accidentally reversed his Mercedes through the seventh-floor wall of a building.

Ralph Hudson, 67, told police he got his foot stuck between the accelerator and the brake when he smashed through the Bank of America car park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Luckily for Mr Hudson, the car stopped just short of plunging onto the street below.

Passers-by were stunned to see the boot of Mr Hudson's Mercedes poking out the side of the building, with many stopping to take pictures on their phones."

Radical photos of the event snapped by press and bystanders below.
Photos taken from Yahoo UK & Ireland: Cars

May 4, 2010

Vive Cool City

Taken from An explanation of rad group of aussie alternative journalists:

"VIVE COOL CITY is an on-line TV site that streams 2-3min original episodes 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Based out of Australia, we cover stories we wanna see but can't find anywhere else, from music-fashion-party to getting smashed off Listerine, kidnapping in Mexico or incest in Tasmania.

VIVE COOL CITY is created by a collective of people ranging from teenage to the thirty-odd, from all corners of the globe, to provide our generation not with political or self-indulgent bullshit, but rather content that gets us thinking and talking.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes ridiculous, VIVE COOL CITY will never seek to harm or offend but will always promise to entertain... enjoy people"

They post news from Interviews with Pornstars, Crazy Swedish Bridge Jumpers, How to Make Fake IDs, Underage drinking, Tits, fundamentals of a brothel. all the important stuff!

their videos also are accompanied by some rad australian music also.

their latest video is about the sport of Sport Slurping: check it out!

May 1, 2010

Jayden Courts at The Cavern

Our good friend Jayden Courts performed at The Cavern Cafe down at Nobbys earlier in the week, here are some shots of his performance below.

All photo rights go to Photography By Victoria

Photography By Victoria

Photography By Victoria

Photography By Victoria

Photography By Victoria

Photography By Victoria


Bobby Ray Simmons, aka B.o.B., is the latest hottest hip hop artist coming out of the states, his first single "Nothin' On You" features Bruno Mars on the hook. Check out the official video below.

This is the 2nd Single "Airplanes", which features Hayley Williams of Paramore, which is off his debut album - B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray.