October 30, 2010


Cheers to BJ for bringing this gem to light. Need tips for the upcoming festival season? JAYDOS has got you covered, check it out below.

October 29, 2010

willhitchins.com is LIVE!

WILLHITCHINS.COM is live! Check out my online portfolio of Art, Design and Photography here. Will have a new blog soon which will be updated with new works and projects I am working on, plus things to do with Enjoy Yourself.


Will Hitchins

Afends Shades

Afends are dropping their sunglasses range November 15th, got some sweet looking shades coming. Scope their site and fagbook for more insight.


October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

...And The Toast Is Always Soggy.

Cruising the streets in a mate's ute last night, pumping the sounds, discovered aussie hip hop MC SETH SENTRY's song "The Waitress Song". The song is dope, heres a few fun facts about it:

* Peaked at number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed Charts
* Peaked at number 6 on the Itunes HipHop/Rap Charts
* Most requested song of the week on Triple J
* Over 43,000 downloads from the Triple J unearthed site (Most downloads ever)

our relationship is built on breakfast. Check out the video below, buy the EP "The Waiter Minute" online somewhere, perhaps iTunes.


October 26, 2010

bats magazine Issue 7

BATS MAGAZINE is a brisbane based street and online magazine created by five brissy girls. Plenty of alternative art, design, music and photography throughout their issues. They've released their 7th Issue, titled "THE WASTED ISSUE", have a geeze. View the issue below or at http://www.batsmagazine.com

AFENDS High Summer Preview

Check out the high summer catalogue from AFENDS, set to drop November! Links below.


willhitchins.com PREVIEW.

Here's a preview of my online portfolio website, willhitchins.com. It'll feature new designs I've had locked away, corporate shit and some photography also. The site goes live this friday!

October 25, 2010

Glow With Donavon

Donavon Frankenreiter, the Californian born and raised surfer turned solo musician has released his latest offering "GLOW" recently. The first single "GLOW", was released last month. Plenty of good chilled surf tunes to sing along to. Check out the video for Glow below.


Runaway Official Video

Well I guess this is the video clip that will be raved about around the interwebs over the next few days. Kanye West has released the music "movie" video clip for his song "Runaway", which is off his upcoming album now titled "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (previously titled Dark Twisted Fantasy, previously previously titled Good Ass Job). The clip runs for 34 mins and you can watch it below. If you're procrastinating life, its worth watching. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be released November 22nd.

One of the five official album covers for the upcoming album.

October 21, 2010

Russell James with Miranda Kerr

Perth photographer RUSSELL JAMES is one of the world's best fashion photographers, with works in such fashion publications as VOGUE, W, AMERICAN PHOTO and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. His latest book is called "V2", and features a foreword by British billionaire RICHARD BRANSON. Here's an small blurb describing the book.

"Every era has its pantheon of female beauty. These illustrious few define the look of their times. With V2, top international photographer Russell James anoints the next generation of supermodels. These alluring young goddesses--including Brooklyn Decker, frequently featured in Sports Illustrated's coveted Swimsuit Issue, or Miranda Kerr--pose amid the natural splendor of a tropical setting. Hidden away from the world, we get a glimpse of what must be paradise."

Featured in his book is Australia's most famous model and Victora's Secret girl, MIRANDA KERR, who has gone to pose nude in the catalogue. The shots are quite eloquent and artistic. Check out the shots below and RUSSELL JAMES' other work at his official site.


October 18, 2010

Roller Buffalo

Jackass 3D entered American theaters over the weekend. Here's a clip of old Knoxville from the new flick, stunt entitled "Roller Buffalo", which Knoxville stated was inspired by the Roger Miller song "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd". Jackass 3D hits Australian cinemas November 4th.

October 15, 2010


Discovered this guy last night. Hugo is a rock/blues songwriter with currently two songs out at the moment, first is called Bread & Butter, second is an adaptation of Jay-Z's famous hit song "99 Problems". Check them out below.


October 9, 2010

127 Hours

127 HOURS is an upcoming drama film based on the incredible true story of Aron Ralston, an American mountain climber who had to amputate his own arm off to free himself after being trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah for nearly five days back in May 2003. JAMES FRANCO takes on the role of Ralston, the movie is directed by DANNY BOYLE (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE). Below is the trailer for the movie, also is a few clips of the real Aron Ralston discussing the incident and working as a motivational speaker. The movie is due to be released November 5th 2010.


We blogged about Flow riding at the end of last month, heres another reveller Adam Wildman carving up the Dreamworld Flow Rider.

October 7, 2010


Discovered new N*E*R*D yesterday, even know this song has been out for awhile, its dope. Called "Hot N' Fun", featured Nelly Furtado, off their forth upcoming album "NOTHING" due out November 2nd. check it below. Also check out the Starsmith Remix, its sick.

October 6, 2010


HOLD YOUR OWN, is a hardcore band from Central Coast in NSW. They played down at the Oasis Youth Centre last month, playing alongside Oh Sleeper, Buried In Verona, In The Wake and Cannons Mouth. Band member Jordan Crotty has sent me a few pics from the show with the band repping some of our shirts, here they are below. All photo rights go to GiseleGreta Productions.