February 24, 2011

Wasting Light

WASTING LIGHT is the upcoming seventh studio album from the FOO FIGHTERS. Its the first album they have released since ECHOES, SILENCE, PATIENCE & GRACE back in 2007 (They released a Greatest Hits record in 2009 also though). The first single was released February 23rd and is entitled "Rope", certainly some classic heavy Foo being pumped out. PAT SMEAR joins the group officially for this record, although he had been touring with the group since 2006 and was previously a member of the band on the Foo's first records FOO FIGHTERS (1995) and THE COLOUR & THE SHAPE (1997).



HESHER is a drama film starring JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, NATALIE PORTMAN and RAINN WILSON. It premiered at Sundance in January 2010, but has yet to have a release date in the US. The trailer and plot synopsis is below.

"After the tragic loss of his mother, T.J. (Devin Brochu) and his pill popping father (Rainn Wilson) are forced to live with T.J.'s elderly grandmother (Piper Laurie). A young man with a troubled past named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) assumes the role as both mentor and tormentor, leading T.J into troubles he could never have imagined. A young grocery clerk named Nicole (Natalie Portman) steps in to protect T.J., and becomes the object of T.J.'s fantasies, while Hesher moves into Grandma's home. Although uninvited, he is somehow accepted."

Apollo 18

"While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it's the real reason we've never gone back to the moon."

Apollo 18 is due out April 22nd.

Napster Days

I call this post Napster days basically because I've been thinking about some of the first bits of music I first listened to way back in the span of 1999-2000. It was a time when Napster and free music file sharing was first invented and being dominantly used around the world. My brother was a user, and this is some of the stuff he was listening to, and I was hooked. My beginnings for love of music.

February 23, 2011

Very Super Famous

JON LAJOIE, famous for such internet favourites as "SHOW ME YOUR GENITALS", "EVERYDAY NORMAL GUY" and "2 GIRLS 1 CUP SONG" is back with a new gem. The song is called "VERY SUPER FAMOUS". See it below, certainly very funny.


February 22, 2011

Mr Sunshine with Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry became world known as the lovable Chandler on the hit sitcom Friends. Since its finish in 2004, he hasn't done much TV until now. Perry's new sitcom is called MR SUNSHINE, and premiered on ABC on February 9th. Check out the promo clip for it below and scope it out on the interwebs. The plot of the show is as follows:

"Ben Donovan (Perry) is the operations manager for the Sunshine Center, a second-tier arena in San Diego. He goes through a mid-life crisis when he turns 40, while dealing with the unusual demands of his job and his unpredictable boss."

Also check out Perry's interview with Jimmy Kimmel below.

Design Insight: Issue 4 "Dogbath"

Dogbath continues the story of everything is not as it seems.

There is an old saying that never goes around, It's as hard as getting a dog in a bath, and that in itself is the beginnings of this design at hand. In the early days of Enjoy Yourself, when vision was the main primary activity, my good friend Joel and I would sit in my room known as "The Shed", and ponder new ideas or stupid jokes that you could do on shirts. Suddenly we became fascinated and amused by the innuendos of sexual activities.

A "Dog In A Bath" is an act by inserting your penis into your partners vagina, whilst inserting your testicles into her butthole. Plain and simple, its as hard as getting a dog in a bath. The rest is history.

I have witnessed this act only once, quite remarkably disturbing nonetheless.

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Katherine Heigl shows Letterman The E-Cigarette.

Saw this on the news last night, the E-cigarette. An electronic cigarette designed to help smokers quit. Here is the Letterman clip with Katherine Heigl where they talk about and demostrate how to use it.

February 21, 2011

Fairchild Republic Single Launch


Fairchild Republic are having a Single launch at elsewhere on March 18th. The new single is called "Villages" and you can listen/download it here. PAMPAMPAM supports the show. Tickets are $10.



ARTHUR is an upcoming rom-com due out April 8th. It stars Russell Brand, Helen Mirren & Jennifer Garner. It is a remake of the 1981 original film which starred Dudley Moore. Check out the trailer below.

February 20, 2011

Screaming Bloody Murder

Screaming Bloody Murder, is the first single off Sum 41's upcoming new album also entitled "Screaming Bloody Murder", The single was released february 7th with an unofficial video released a week later by the band below. The album is due out March 29th.

Groovin The Moo Festival

Groovin' The Moo is a festival that'll run during the end of April and start of May this year. It doesn't play in any major cities although the line-up looks solid, check the poster above for all the details on it or head to http://www.gtm.net.au for more info. Tickets on sale now.

February 19, 2011

Stocking At Dark Hero Harbour Town

We have our first official stockist on the Goldy now. Dark Hero at Harbour Town now holding our first range. Here's a picture my brother took below. Exciting stuff.

February 17, 2011

Finally... The Rock Has Come Back To The WWE

Dwayne Johnson has made a name for himself in the film business, with plenty of movies to his name in action, comedy, family and drama films. But there's one character that he'll always been known as, the wrestler THE ROCK. It was announced this week that THE ROCK shall return to as host of Wrestlemania XXVII on April 3rd in Atlanta Georgia, check out the RAW return clip below of THE ROCK (in 2 parts), and a clip of his Wrestlemania appearance.

Plus, gotta throw in some classic Rock montage, heres some funny moments below.

February 16, 2011

New Tools

So a new year, time for a new direction. I've recently invested in a heat transfer machine and a laser printer for beginning stages of becoming a manufacturer. Using The Magic Touch Transfer paper, which has professional screen printers running for the hills. Here are some images below and be sure to stay tuned for some new samples of a new range coming in a few weeks.

Presto 20 16" x 20" Heat Transfer Machine.

Oki c830 series laser printer.

A look at the toner cartridges.

New Home.

The design and manufacturer station.

February 15, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 3 "Deano"

Deano. Plain and simple represents addiction.

The basis of the design possesses influence from perhaps the era of surrealism, but I feel its meaning is plain and simple. Although being represented is an abnormal dosage of hectic pills transitioning into drops of water. It is not in a sense directed towards drug addiction, it represents any addiction. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Drugs. Food. Sex. Energy Drinks. Coffee. Whatever you can think of.

The name itself derived from friends talking about a guy, who I still don't know whether or not is a real person or just a mythological figure, who is always doing hectic pingers, booze, mass amounts of cocaine every night, and totally living a fucked up lifestyle.

In a sense I believe addiction is always a psychological thing, over use of certain products your body will start to immune such desires into your system, and create a craving monitor that throughout bug you to get another fix. It becomes like water. Something our body needs to have to survive, although it really isn't healthy.

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February 11, 2011

Ric's Big Backyard Festival

Saturday the 26th of March at Ric's Bar is Ric's Big Backyard Festival in Brisbane. Heres the line-up:


heres the facebook event.
Buy Tickets Here.

February 9, 2011


Probably the weirdest/stupidest movie trailer i've seen this year by far, but it is only February. RUBBER is a movie about a car tire that goes on a killing spree. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year with negative reviews. It is due to be released february 25th. A tire with psychic killing powers. And I thought Snakes On A Plane was stupid. This is a whole new level.

Laneway Sydney

Just found this on youtube. Clips of the Laneway Festival show in Sydney. Check out YEASAYER's performance below and scope out others.

February 8, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 2 "Chilli Dog"

Chilli Dog can be defined in a few ways. For instance:

To keep it clean, a chilli dog is simply what you see, a hot dog on a bun garnished with mustard and/or tomato sauce, with bits of Chilli running down the sides. The idea in a simple form, what to see is what you get.

Now turn to another interpretation. Urban dictionary defines a chilli dog as a sexual act. The art of defecate onto your partners chest and proceed to thrust your johnson through her breasts. The ugly truth.

In a sense this design and a few of the other designs, that we'll get to in later weeks, have this double meaning attached to them. I simply stand on the thought of nothing is always as it seems. You can see something and be in complete ignorance of another ideology.

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February 4, 2011

Can A Drummer Get Some?

Can A Drummer Get Some? is the third single off Travis Barker's upcoming debut solo (not really solo, more of a collaboration frenzy) album GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME. The song features Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne, Game and Rick Ross. Check it below. The album is due for release in March.

Soul Surfer

SOUL SURFER is an upcoming surf movie based on the true story of BETHANY HAMILTON, a champion surfer who tragically loses her arm in a shark attack, but overcomes it to return to the ocean. The film stars ANNASOPHIA ROBB as Hamilton, DENNIS QUAID and HELEN HUNT as Bethany's parents Tom and Cheri. The trailer is below, movie is due for release April 8th 2011.

February 2, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Now A Category 5. Stay safe North Queenslanders. Here's a NASA image below

February 1, 2011

Scream 4

Yet again, another horror franchise returns again, this time its SCREAM. The fourth movie features original cast of Neve Campbell, David Arquette & Courteney Cox, with also new cast including Emma Roberts & Hayden Panettiere. The film is due for release April 15th. The trailer is below.

Design Insight: Issue 1 "Beer Goggles"

Another month gone by, I decided to open up to the world in depth, to discuss where in the world did the current/future designs of Enjoy Yourself come from. Getting from the third eye, to the paper and pencil, and eventually to the digital prime. The first issue is about the BEER GOGGLES.

Beer Goggles is a journey of loose nights and losing control of your standards. This takes me back to the beginnings of discovering the new world of nightlife. Turning 18 is always a rad time in any kids life, all the shit you did when you were underage, you could now do legally and excessively. But Beer Goggles does not reflect that aspect, I could quote a certain skateboarder/heroin addict on this notion that I believe fits perfectly with the design.

Dreamseller Brandon Novak isn't shy about his drug abuse and his promiscuties with women, why spend your whole night on a very hot sexy girl learning her life story and trying to earn her approval to get some action, when you can find something half assed, but who is down to fuck, what would you pick?

Option B has been often a fine choice, then again there have been plenty of times scoring the luck of the draw, an attractive girl down to fuck, and also there have been the bottom of the bucket picks, the "What The Fuck Am I Doing Here" ones. Easy to say alcohol does influence a lot of decisions, but I'm not one of those idiots who blame alcohol for their actions, you made it the decision yourself. I am not ashamed, lessons are learnt, live your life fuck it.

Beer Goggles is simply saying bye bye to standards and hello to the bucket of yuck.

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