February 1, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 1 "Beer Goggles"

Another month gone by, I decided to open up to the world in depth, to discuss where in the world did the current/future designs of Enjoy Yourself come from. Getting from the third eye, to the paper and pencil, and eventually to the digital prime. The first issue is about the BEER GOGGLES.

Beer Goggles is a journey of loose nights and losing control of your standards. This takes me back to the beginnings of discovering the new world of nightlife. Turning 18 is always a rad time in any kids life, all the shit you did when you were underage, you could now do legally and excessively. But Beer Goggles does not reflect that aspect, I could quote a certain skateboarder/heroin addict on this notion that I believe fits perfectly with the design.

Dreamseller Brandon Novak isn't shy about his drug abuse and his promiscuties with women, why spend your whole night on a very hot sexy girl learning her life story and trying to earn her approval to get some action, when you can find something half assed, but who is down to fuck, what would you pick?

Option B has been often a fine choice, then again there have been plenty of times scoring the luck of the draw, an attractive girl down to fuck, and also there have been the bottom of the bucket picks, the "What The Fuck Am I Doing Here" ones. Easy to say alcohol does influence a lot of decisions, but I'm not one of those idiots who blame alcohol for their actions, you made it the decision yourself. I am not ashamed, lessons are learnt, live your life fuck it.

Beer Goggles is simply saying bye bye to standards and hello to the bucket of yuck.

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