February 8, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 2 "Chilli Dog"

Chilli Dog can be defined in a few ways. For instance:

To keep it clean, a chilli dog is simply what you see, a hot dog on a bun garnished with mustard and/or tomato sauce, with bits of Chilli running down the sides. The idea in a simple form, what to see is what you get.

Now turn to another interpretation. Urban dictionary defines a chilli dog as a sexual act. The art of defecate onto your partners chest and proceed to thrust your johnson through her breasts. The ugly truth.

In a sense this design and a few of the other designs, that we'll get to in later weeks, have this double meaning attached to them. I simply stand on the thought of nothing is always as it seems. You can see something and be in complete ignorance of another ideology.

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