February 15, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 3 "Deano"

Deano. Plain and simple represents addiction.

The basis of the design possesses influence from perhaps the era of surrealism, but I feel its meaning is plain and simple. Although being represented is an abnormal dosage of hectic pills transitioning into drops of water. It is not in a sense directed towards drug addiction, it represents any addiction. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Drugs. Food. Sex. Energy Drinks. Coffee. Whatever you can think of.

The name itself derived from friends talking about a guy, who I still don't know whether or not is a real person or just a mythological figure, who is always doing hectic pingers, booze, mass amounts of cocaine every night, and totally living a fucked up lifestyle.

In a sense I believe addiction is always a psychological thing, over use of certain products your body will start to immune such desires into your system, and create a craving monitor that throughout bug you to get another fix. It becomes like water. Something our body needs to have to survive, although it really isn't healthy.

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