August 30, 2010

Assholes Finish First

New York Times best seller internet writer TUCKER MAX is set to release his 2nd offering of drunken sexual adventures, a book entitled "ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST", due for release September 28th. His first book "I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL" went to Number 1 on the NY Times Best Seller list, and this guy has attracted millions of viewers to his site since he started back in 2002.

Heres the book description, Blurb rights go to Tucker Max.

"What do you do when you've become rich and famous for writing a #1 best-selling book about your drunken, sexual misadventures? I'll tell you what I do: I write another fucking book.

This is that book. Assholes Finish First is hilarious in ways you will recognize from I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, and in other, newer ways you won't. Of course it has all the sex and debauchery you expect from my writing, but with a twist. You already know how I deal with women when I am poor and anonymous. You have no idea how I do it when I have money and fame.

It also answers the hard questions you've never thought of asking. What's it like to have sex with a midget? How about two of 'em? What happens when you eat too much beef jerky and then drink a gallon of vegetable juice? Or get head in an X-ray machine? The answers are inside, they are absurd, and they are the product of one man's experiences:

My name is still Tucker Max, and I am still an asshole"

August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Twins.

Two twin buddies of mine turned 21 about 10 days ago, their 21st is tonight, heres the nonsense I did, individual designs for each on shirts. Bring on the Red/Blue Party. Happy Birthday again Civvy and Jimbo.

August 25, 2010

Justin Long's iPhone Txting Conversation.

American actor JUSTIN LONG (Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers, He's Just Not That Into You) appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, with a very funny iPhone texting conversation with a random person, which went on for months. Quite enjoyed it, video is in three parts, watch them below.

August 22, 2010

Booty Sale Setup

Below are some shitPhone snapshots of our little stall at the Booty sale this morning. Plenty of crap around.

August 20, 2010

My graphic portfolio website, where i'll feature all my works, plus first look at some new designs for future Enjoy Yourself ranges.

Amazing shit, stay tuned.


Afends "Time Flys" Summer Range 2010.

Byron Bay boys AFENDS has just made available the first batch of their summer range at their online store at midnight last night.
Plenty of interesting creations floating around, have a geeze.

Check out their summer collection in online lookbook format here:

August 19, 2010


Just incase your on our official website, and want to get here with a simple click, view the picture below, for all things radical.

Due Date

Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis team up in this upcoming comedy which focuses on two men: a highly strung expectant father (Downey) and an aspiring actor (Galifianakis) on a cross country road trip so the father can arrive in time to see his child's birth.

The movie is directed by Todd Phillips who has done some great previous comedy work, with titles like ROAD TRIP, OLD SCHOOL and THE HANGOVER to name a few.

This should hopefully be a good funny movie for the summer.

Due Date is due for release on November 5th 2010. But thats most likely the US release date.

August 18, 2010

Ashmore Car Boot Sale

If you missed out last Sunday on a wicked car boot sale, I'll be down at Ashmore City this Sunday morning, selling shirts again for $20 each, 25% discount. Freezing my ass off last Sunday, so come on down and keep me warm.

August 17, 2010

I'm Still Here

Two-time nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix announced in February 2009, he was giving up acting to pursue a career in rap music, appearing incoherent, unresponsive and sporting a heavy beard on the David Letterman show. This has sparked many speculations whether its really a dark time in the actors life, or a transformation into a brilliant hoax fooling everyone. First time director and brother-in-law of the actor, CASEY AFFLECK (The Assassination of Jesse James, Oceans 11 12 and 13), stands by stating that it is a true story and he thought it would be interesting to document the actor in this period of his life.

The official poster was released earlier this month and the teaser trailer was released last night, appearing to be a dark, dramatic documentary, with apparent scenes of cocaine snorting, defecation, full frontal male nudity and call girl visits. This documentary will certainly be one to see. Check out the theatrical teaser below as well as the poster.

The film is due for release on September 10th.

The Interview on Letterman that started it all.

August 16, 2010

Party Don't Start Till Marley Walks In.

reactivate facebook and this is what I find haha.

August 12, 2010


It is a bit last minute but, we will setting up a stall at the Nerang Mall Car Boot Sale this Sunday the 15th of August 2010, starting from 6am (fucking early for Sunday I know, I'll have to be up earlier), and it will continue on until 11 am, Food and Drink areas will be floating around plus its at a mall, plenty of ATM coverage also. We'll be selling our first range for $20 each, 25% discount, also set up special deals and possible freebies on the day, free stickers will be handed out. So check the advert below and come on down bright and early or later on.

August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Can't Tell Me Nothing

Kanye West & Zack Galifianakis = Hilarious music video.

August 8, 2010

Love The Way You Lie

the official music video for EMINEM'S latest single "Love The Way You Lie" was released a few days ago, the song features R&B singer RIHANNA providing the chorus, and the music video features actor DOMINIC MONAGHAN (LOST, LORD OF THE RINGS) and actress MEGAN FOX (TRANSFORMERS, Being Incredibly Sexy) as the main characters in the video. check it out below, the song is off Em's latest album "RECOVERY", OUT NOW!

August 6, 2010

Linkin Park - "The Catalyst"

Released on August 2nd is the first single off American alternative rock band LINKIN PARK's forthcoming album "A THOUSAND SUNS", due to be released in September, entitled "THE CATALYST". The album is being co-produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin alongside Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda, who previously co-produced Linkin Park's third album MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.

The song has a very electronic based to it, so possibly a more electronic will be a main feature of the new album. The song is below, and is available on iTunes now, the new album should be out September 14th.

The Album Cover for "A THOUSAND SUNS"

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

US Comedian/Actor Kevin Pollak, who is most notable for his spot-on impressions of actors Christopher Walken, William Shatner and Alan Arkin from his stand up act, and appearing in movies such as A Few Good Men, Casino, and The Usual Suspects to name a few, started up an Internet Talk Show in March of last year, and has now aired 58 episodes so far. He has interviewed plenty of notable actors/actresses, writers and comedians, and possibly has the longest running youtube videos around today, with each of the interviews lasting between 90 mins to sometimes over 2 hours (so best useful for people with fast broadband).

I've watched many of his videos including his interviews with Actors Matthew Perry (Friends), Seann William Scott (American Pie, Dude Where's My Car), Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy), Jason Lee (Mallrats, Chasing Amy), Titus Welliver (Lost), Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, Anchorman), writer and animator Seth McFarlane (Family Guy) and many more.

His latest interview is with Actor/Comedian Larry Miller, who you might know as the Doorman from Seinfeld, or the protective father of Julia Stiles & Larisa Oleynik's characters in 10 Things I Hate About You. The clip is below.

But check out the website and youtube account, some interesting interviews and stories come together in Kevin's pieces, including a recurring sketch known as The Larry King Game, which each guest willing participates in, more on that in a clip below.

Kevin Pollak with Larry Miller

The Larry King Game Compilation


August 5, 2010

Soundwave 2011

No point naming who is carving the line up, read the fucking pic below grunts.


History Of Pete Versus Toby

Byron Bay revellers Pete Versus Toby turned to the Bondi/Sydney markets to bring awareness of their brand to the Australia world. Four years on since they started, they have developed a independent following, and have set up two stores down in Sydney, the first one is called "PALESTINE" which is down in Bondi, their latest shop is called "ZION" is down in Darlinghurst.

Photo rights go to Pete Versus Toby.
The PVT lads..

Recently they have created a section on their website/blog entitled "HISTORY OF PETE VERSUS TOBY", which features every design the company has done on t-shirts/singlets etc. Also giving in depth detail on the background of the design and where the inspiration grew from. Here are a few of some of my favourites below, but be sure to check out the whole lot, either on their site or for you facebook fanatics, they got an album up there as well.

Blurb Rights go to Pete Versus Toby.

"12. Non Smokers Die Everyday

Marco Zirov illustration
Dedicated to the late great Bill Hicks. Some people spend six hours a day at a gym, and constantly cling to a water bottle. Some people sit with their friends and talk and have a cigarette. Some people deal with the fact that we are all going to die one day. Some people desperately try to avoid the inevitable. Moral of the haiku, do what you wanna do..."

39. Smooth Criminal

Paschal Grenquist collage
For some strange reason MJ's people never heckled us about this print, I guess they had enough court problems of their own... At the markets people would come up to us and say, "are you guys trying to glamorize child sexual abuse?" we replied "no, we just think that any of his song titles would be funny next to a picture of him and children, pretty young thing, the girl is mine, dont stop till you get enough etc... it just works... hahahaha"

"89. FREE* Madonna
We are all so desensitized, nobody even thinks about the fucked up world we are living in, everyone uses sex as a sales tool. We are highlighting this fact
We were on a current affair for this, wow Australia is starving for some entertainment, don’t worry we have only just started shorty…"

"106. Enlightenment
taken in Venice Beach California. You are already enlightened, the sun is setting, just chill out, slow down, there is nowhere to go. Everything is gonna be ok…"


August 4, 2010

T. Mills

Thought I would write a blurb about this upcoming hot shot electro hip hop artist from the states, known as T. Mills. This guy has been floating around the myspace world for awhile now so obviously Tom is a fan. At the moment he has released an EP entitled "The Finders Keepers EP", and also a single "Stupid Boy", he was interviewed while on the Vans Warped Tour this summer in the states, and he has confirmed a debut album in the works entitled "READY FIRE AIM" due in mid September, I'll post the interview below, seems to be the only interview the world has of this guy.

To sum up this guy in a few words, its autotune meets stretchers and tattoos. Enjoy!

His 2010 single "Stupid Boy"

Interview with T. at the Warped Tour.

His take of Ke$ha's "TiK ToK"

August 3, 2010


This dude was just blogged about on the Afends site, MOD SUN is the alternate hip hop persona of Bloomington, Minessota drummer Dylan Smith (some sources say his name is Derek, but on his myspace, its Dylan). He is on his way to Australia, performing his hip hop act nationwide supporting Arizona's SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS on their farewell tour (He is also providing his assistance on drums for the band). They'll be in Queensland at the end of the month, 27th of August at the Hi-Fi Bar in Brissy, and The Cooly Hotel on the 28th down in Coolangatta Hotel.

He has released two mixtapes, "LET YA TEETH SHOW" and "HOW TO MAKE A MOD SUN", which are available for free download at the links below:

but his first offering of long play is "THE HIPPY HOP EP" released at the beginning of this year. The stand out track for me is "Picture The Sunrise" which the official music video can be seen below.

Marijuana fans, You will Love this guy.

Lindsay with Emerald Surf City

Our boy Lindsay dropped us a line saying he now has a little feature as part of the team riders section at Emerald Surf City, Australia's longest running bodyboard shop and supplier. We've even got a mention also, how thoroughly exciting.

For more about Emerald Surf City visit:

and for the Emerald Blog visit: