August 5, 2010

History Of Pete Versus Toby

Byron Bay revellers Pete Versus Toby turned to the Bondi/Sydney markets to bring awareness of their brand to the Australia world. Four years on since they started, they have developed a independent following, and have set up two stores down in Sydney, the first one is called "PALESTINE" which is down in Bondi, their latest shop is called "ZION" is down in Darlinghurst.

Photo rights go to Pete Versus Toby.
The PVT lads..

Recently they have created a section on their website/blog entitled "HISTORY OF PETE VERSUS TOBY", which features every design the company has done on t-shirts/singlets etc. Also giving in depth detail on the background of the design and where the inspiration grew from. Here are a few of some of my favourites below, but be sure to check out the whole lot, either on their site or for you facebook fanatics, they got an album up there as well.

Blurb Rights go to Pete Versus Toby.

"12. Non Smokers Die Everyday

Marco Zirov illustration
Dedicated to the late great Bill Hicks. Some people spend six hours a day at a gym, and constantly cling to a water bottle. Some people sit with their friends and talk and have a cigarette. Some people deal with the fact that we are all going to die one day. Some people desperately try to avoid the inevitable. Moral of the haiku, do what you wanna do..."

39. Smooth Criminal

Paschal Grenquist collage
For some strange reason MJ's people never heckled us about this print, I guess they had enough court problems of their own... At the markets people would come up to us and say, "are you guys trying to glamorize child sexual abuse?" we replied "no, we just think that any of his song titles would be funny next to a picture of him and children, pretty young thing, the girl is mine, dont stop till you get enough etc... it just works... hahahaha"

"89. FREE* Madonna
We are all so desensitized, nobody even thinks about the fucked up world we are living in, everyone uses sex as a sales tool. We are highlighting this fact
We were on a current affair for this, wow Australia is starving for some entertainment, don’t worry we have only just started shorty…"

"106. Enlightenment
taken in Venice Beach California. You are already enlightened, the sun is setting, just chill out, slow down, there is nowhere to go. Everything is gonna be ok…"


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