August 17, 2010

I'm Still Here

Two-time nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix announced in February 2009, he was giving up acting to pursue a career in rap music, appearing incoherent, unresponsive and sporting a heavy beard on the David Letterman show. This has sparked many speculations whether its really a dark time in the actors life, or a transformation into a brilliant hoax fooling everyone. First time director and brother-in-law of the actor, CASEY AFFLECK (The Assassination of Jesse James, Oceans 11 12 and 13), stands by stating that it is a true story and he thought it would be interesting to document the actor in this period of his life.

The official poster was released earlier this month and the teaser trailer was released last night, appearing to be a dark, dramatic documentary, with apparent scenes of cocaine snorting, defecation, full frontal male nudity and call girl visits. This documentary will certainly be one to see. Check out the theatrical teaser below as well as the poster.

The film is due for release on September 10th.

The Interview on Letterman that started it all.

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