May 10, 2011


SNOWTOWN is an upcoming Australian film about Australia's most notorious serial killer JOHN BUNTING, responsible for the killing of 11 people in South Australia, referred to as the Snowtown Murders.

The film centers around Jamie, a 16 year old living with his two younger brothers and mother in Northern Adelaide, he longs for an escape from the hopelessness and violence that surrounds him and his prayers are answered when John enters his life. John spends more and more time with Jamie's family, they begin to experience a stability and sense of family that they have never known.

Jamie is so fond of John he begins to pick up and take on some of his traits and beliefs and spends a lot of time with him and his select group of friends. Protection & guidance that John presents to Jamie is initially welcomed however as event occurs and people disappear, Jamie begins to suspect new things about John and his motivations.

When Jamie finally discovers the truth, his hopes for happiness are threatened by both his loyalty for, and fear of, his father figure John Bunting, Australia's most notorious serial killer.

The film is due for release May 19th 2011, the trailer and website is below.

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