September 1, 2010


Well Winter has finally passed, the cold days, the rugged up ladies, spring is here, and people are starting to wear less, and to celebrate, we're having a spring competition appropriately titled "WINTER SUCKS". Some sexy ads have been done below for your eyes. The basis of the competition is for you guys out there, be apart of our movement and brand awareness, by giving you the chance to suggest our facebook page to all your friends, and in return, we shall give you a pack of 5 original ENJOY YOURSELF SHIRTS (of your choosing with design and sizes of course).


1. Suggest our page to all your friends on FACEBOOK.

2. Take a snapshot of your computer screen showing us you have suggested us (no cheating now).

3. When your rad uber friends have joined our page, get them to write on our wall that you suggested them to us. (we can't just tell us you have, lets have some fair play).

(e.g. Arnold Van Stroogenband suggested 81236 rad people, so his friends will write on our wall saying "ARNOLD VAN STROOGENBAND BROUGHT ME HERE" or something along that nature.)

4. Sit patiently and cross your fingers, then collect your winnings.

This won't be a one off thing, we shall give away a few packs, so keep at it even if we've announced the first winner. If you are a winner, send your shirt requirements and postal address to


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