November 10, 2010

Anthony Prince - Bank Robbing For Beginners

I remember the story of in Vail, Colorado back in 2005, when two Australian dudes robbed a bank of $A170,000 dollars ($US130,000), yet didn't do a steady job to cover their tracks. They were branded the "Dumb & Dumber" bank robbers, and certainly didn't give Australia a positive image to the Yanks, yet again their image can't be so marvelous. Well 5 years on, both Luke Carroll and Anthony Prince (yes not Dumb & Dumber they have legit names), have served their time in US prisons and returned home to Australia, yet neither of them decided to speak about the incident, until now.

Anthony Prince was 20 at the time of the incident, and now has decided to release a book about the ordeal humorously titled "Bank Robbing For Beginners: A Story of Criminal Stupidity & Its Very Serious Consequences".

Here's an extract from his official website

"Born in Auckland, June 1985, and raised in the Byron Bay hinterlands my upbringing was carefree and lacking of nothing. A tight family unit and catholic school guidance nurtured my youth until, when I was 19; I travelled to the states on a snowboarding holiday.

This period proved to be a life changing time, my behaviour deteriorated into reckless acts of crime and decisions that would haunt me for a lifetime. I was straying far from the boy I'd been raised as.

After serving four years in American jails and prisons for armed bank robbery with a toy BB gun I begun to change the path I had subconsciously taken through study, exercise and self-analysis; always assisted through the love and support of many mates, family and unknown friends.

This unique experience has brought much benefit to my life through the growth and knowledge experienced and new perspectives on life gained. From the telling of my story I’ve seen people laugh, cry and listen in disbelief as the twists and turns of my journey unfold. I have been criticised by many for my decisions but praised by more for the good they have realised from hearing this story.

This greater utility makes telling it more worth while.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for your interest!"

Check out the Australian Story with an interview with Anthony Prince at the link here and look at this other clip below. There's a Today show clip buzzing round which I can't find though. Fail.

Buy the book online at:

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