November 22, 2010

Give The Drummer Some

Renowned drummer Travis Barker has rocked out his drums in plenty of different bands, most famously BLINK 182, TRANSPLANTS and +44. Over recent years he's been setting up rock remixes to many popular hip hop songs and now he's got his sites set on releasing a debut solo album. The album is entitled "GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME" with the release date set to be this month but still no confirmation. He's released two singles so far, the single is called "JUMP DOWN" and features THE COOL KIDS, the music video for the song is in 3D, so get your 3D glasses out. The second single is called "CARRY IT" and WU TANG rapper RZA and RAEKWON, with also legendary guitarist TOM MORELLO providing the rock chords. check out the clips below, and stay tuned for the album drop.




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