December 29, 2010


Saw the trailer for this upcoming thriller a week ago, Limitless stars Bradley Cooper as an intellectual slacker and former cocaine addict, living as a copywriter in a small publishing house. He obtains MTD-48, a Nootropic drug with curious side-effects, upon taking the drug, he discovers MTD-48 boosts his intellect and makes him faster, more intuitive, and more charismatic. By warding off sleep and focusing his attention span, the drug enables him to write a book, learn a foreign language, and predict certain events by detecting patterns in vast amounts of information -- all in a matter of hours. As he becomes more intrigued by the drug, he investigates its mysterious origins, setting in motion a deadly chain of events.

The film also stars Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro, and is due to be released on March 18th 2011. The trailer is below.

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