December 20, 2010

My 21st!

So today I turned 21, so last night I threw a party at my humble abode. Throw in some free shirts, plenty of booze and a fisheye lens this is the result. Was a great night from what I can remember, heres just a few photos from the night, the resdt are on our facebook page, go here to see the first lot, and here for the second.

Boutique setup

Pud is styling

Chloe enjoying it.

Bowker, Mr Joey Stang and Marc

the scene.

good hang.


Me pointing at the boobs on Megs jeans.

Lee observing the wall art.

variety with Nick, the Warne sisters and Heather

minette, mitchell, brother james and bojangles.

Stang and Winny rocking the smoking area.

Me Carrick and Hugorella.

ladies look good in enjoy yourself.

Kwarne gets classy.

Get Rad. Get Living. Deej & Tim

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