January 13, 2011

Queensland Floods 2010-2011

Over the past couple of days, Queensland has been suffering through some of the worst floods in most recent years. The floods having affected 31 towns and at least 200,000 people all over the state. 30 people have been confirmed dead, with more set to be confirmed and plenty missing. Bremers River has peaked at roughly 18m high, Savages Crossing has peaked at roughly 20m high, Brisbane river at roughly 4.5m high, and the Stanley River at roughly 4m high.

Images and videos have circulated the Internet and News Stations all over the country. Thought I would put together a few from the collection. The total cost in damages is looking well into the billions, and with only around 30-odd million been raised so far, more is needed. So head to http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html and find out how you can donate and help out those in need.

Wheel Of Brisbane during the floods.

A NASA image of Rockhampton on January 9th.

an image of a post showing the height of the 1974 floods in Brisbane and the water levels currently.

An aerial shot of Ipswich.

Shot of traffic once Brisbane evacuations were ordered.

Brisbane River rising.

...And what it rose to.

Image of Brisbane CBD.

Flooded busway in Brisbane CBD.

Suncorp Stadium now a swimming pool.

Overturned cars and debris in Toowoomba.

Flash flooding overturned this bunch of cars.

Flash flooding in Toowoomba.

More results of flash flooding in Toowoomba.

Flooding in Brisbane Ipswich, the water is as high as the roof of the Coles.

Red Rooster submerged by the floods in Ipswich.

Resident of Ipswich

Some douche put Bieber as the song for this clip. Filths.

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