January 25, 2011

A Word On Patriotism

On the eve of Australia Day, the day where plenty of alcohol-fuelled men and women strut the town draped in Australia flags, chanting "Aussie Aussie Aussie", and basically causing ruckus amongst the neighbourhood, so I thought I'd add a little post about Patriotism. My views on it are I don't have to wear aussie flags, chant ludrciously and run a muck around town ( I run a muck most days of the week). So I never participate in such shit shenangians, My Australia Day will involve a boog sesh in the morning then chilling at a friends place spacing out and listening to the Triple J hot 100.

Patriotism itself, I don't have to show that I'm "Proud" to be an Australian, because then I feel I'm cast with these redneck southern-cross tattooed pricks, with "Fuck Off We're Full" stickers on their cars, or "If you don't like it Fuck Off" shirts, basically you go back far enough, we're all not from here, unless your of Indigenous descent. I couldn't care less who lives here, whatever colour, race, creed, gender, religion, sexuality, favourite basketball team.

That saying, I thought I'd add some clips from two of my favourite comedians, the late Bill Hicks and the late George Carlin, both discussing Patriotism and Nation Pride. Although they're talking about Pride & Patriotism in America, which is a whole another ballpark, the views are quite similar. I like Hicks' point, my parents fucked there, thats it. Its as simple as that.

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