April 19, 2011

Brandon Voges: Shakey Faces

Information courtesy of Brandon Voges' Photostream:

Well, I like bad jokes, and I can run really fast backwards. I'm a gadget freak, I own more cameras than I will ever use, and I have a hard time getting upset at just about anything. I've got rhythm and I flop sweat when I dance. Yea, gross...I know.

I'll try anything once, except sauerkraut. I'm honest, have large eyebrows, and think my sisters kids may be the funniest humans on the planet. I love hearing people laugh. I'm a sucker for baked goods, loved watching McGyver, and have no problem giggling when people trip in public.

I love to travel, have a hard time turning down a game of cards and can't get enough sushi. I don't pay parking meters, I speed, appreciate a good quote, and miss the days when you could sit at an airport and people watch without a plane ticket. I'm a big fan of nicknames and changing weather. And at some point in my life, I would love to be a stuntman.

But for now...I'm a photographer and partner at Bruton Stroube Studios. We take pictures and direct films for all things advertising.

Click here for the full set of photos.

A series of portraits to the theme of "Shakey Face".

Also, I get lots of questions on how these were done, the gist is this. Very, very fast studio strobes. Shaking your face until you get a concussion. And some desaturating and sharpening in photoshop. Done and done.


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