April 6, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 10 "Zombie"

The zombie design began from a simple thought. I feel like doing a design with a zombie and perhaps a gremlin like cousin creature.

And that is exactly what I did, did an obscure head, open the head up, gremlin popping out looking fierce.

I've sort of had trouble explaining the meaning, If there is one, for this design, I feel there should be since all the other designs have some sort of background story, well this one does, but seems to simple and stupid. Really I'd say some of it could be interpreted as how my brain works.

I'm an abstract weird human being, with a wicked creative mentality, perhaps something similar to have wild gremlin creatures running a muck in my brain, fucking shit up.

Another idea was that of something more philosophical and serious. The idea of the NWO, the New World Order, the one world government. We are all brainwashed zombies and the higher empires plan to control our every moment and see every move we play. Something like that. There's plenty of Zeitgeist movement videos about this concept out on the interwebs. Suss them.

Don't be a Zombie, Be a Living Being.

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