April 13, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 11 "Pirate"

The pirate, doesn't he look fierce and angry. RAH RAH!

This new range a few designs were left out/forgotten about, I don't think this was one of them though.

Believe it or not, once again it is not all as it seems with the pirate.

Urban Dictionary defines an "Angry Pirate" as:

"The act of recieving oral sex while standing up right, ending with the reciever not only shooting his sperm rocket into one of the giver's eyes, but also kicking the giver in one of his/her shins, thereby hindering the giver with a "peg leg" and a defunct eye."

Another silly gesture, yet the design is quite effective and enjoyable to vision.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pirate design. There are also more Insight Clothing designs that I've checked out recently.