March 25, 2011

Is Friday Still Fun Fun?

It's Friday again and I thought I'd make a note of the song that fatcats from all around the world are dubbing the "Worst Song Ever". Rebecca Black's "Friday", has hit over 40 million + views on Youtube alone, also reportedly earning $1 million dollars from sales on the iTunes store.

Everyone is giving her shit yet she and the producers of this god awful track are laughing all the way to the bank. I don't blame her for it, she's the product, she's the face that producers sell to make their money, she's the puppet. They wrote the song, made the video, auto-tuned the fuck out of her voice, put some creepy old rapper in the vid, and now are cashing in on it.

I blame them, this sort of stuff reminds me of how much the music business is just cashing in on shit repetitive teeny/tweeny pop music, dance music, electropop music, yet real artists writing their own songs sit casually independently or unknown. They are other songs with young tween singers that the Ark Music Factory has released, personally I'd say they're all better than Friday, but not that hard to do so.

One good thing to come from this are the parody videos. They are plenty floating around the internet and I'm going to post a few up below. Enjoy.

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