March 30, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 9 "Toad"

The Toad. Possibly the most popular design I've done from the first range, the look of it, the way it has been printed on a shirt. The filth.

By why the toad?

The toad is an abstract portrait of a friend of mine (Yes not just another innuendo piece cunts), His name is Scott Rogers, known amongst friends as Scotty, Scotty Rogerz, Scotty Fucking Rogerz, Toad, Boot, Padlock, along with other one-off satirical nonsense.

The story of getting the name Toad takes me back to Toolies 2008 (Yes not Schoolies which I attended in 2007). A few of the boys got an apartment on Circle on Cavill for the week, split very cheaply, and basically wrecked havoc and caused ruckus whenever possible.

Amongst the crew was Scott, who infact did not pay a cent to stay for the week. It was one afternoon and we're all most likely hungover right in the middle of the week, Scott is lying on the couch, slothing it up. That's when another friend Hughesie turns and looks at him and says:

"Mate, you look like a fucking toad".

The rest is history. More a less the piece has that side to it, the revelation of getting such an obscure name, the other part is the long friendship I've had with this man, sharing one day apart birthdays in December, He being the reason for my first consumption/demise into alcoholism, amongst other things.

Been through a lot and here's my way in saying Cheers Cunt.

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