March 2, 2011

Design Insight: Issue 5 "Pancake"

Pancake, simple and elegant. Nothing like a nice plate of pancakes in the morning smothered in maple syrup and butter.

The question, which I think is fairly obvious with this piece, is why I signed it Boston?

People by now should discover true hidden meanings of some of these pieces, especially since I've described some of them already. The Boston Pancake.
No idea why it's Boston, whether or not the act originated from Boston, MA or just the fact it rolled off the tongue and sounded good.

Urban Dictionary defines a boston pancake as:

"When a lover defecates on another lovers chest. WITH PERMISSION. Then pats down the feces with his buttox to make it into a flat surface. Then the man ejaculates on the feces which acts as the syrup."

Simply that is the case of a double meaning, although people choosing to stay ignorant and like the idea of pancakes is also a good thing. Like I said, nothing is as it seems.

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