March 16, 2011

Wax - "Scrublife"

Discovered a new hip hopper last night, from watching the Ryan Phillippe interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this guy is simply known as WAX. He's from California and a few days ago released his debut mixtape called "Scrublife", hosted by DJ Skee and Dale Firebird.

Big Wax is now signed to the major hip hop label Def Jam. He describes his music as a mix of "Johnny Cash & Jay-Z", while Ryan Phillippe describes it as a mix of "Eminem & Sublime".

I'll quote a part of his bio from his website which I'll put below, but definitely download the free copy of SCRUBLIFE now. I'll post a few tracks also.

"As Wax continues his journey to fame, with a fan base constantly swelling (he’s already had fans show up on his doorstep), he maintains his Scrublife mantra while reinventing the wheel of Hip‐Hop. “Picture a rapper with a gold chain and a car…I’m the exact opposite of that,” he says. “Beer bottles all over the place, and a smile on your face.”

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